We assemble programs around your organization into a central location

We realize that the goal of any organization is to provide a product made by several components assembled by many different areas of the same company.  For this reason, your customer data shouldn’t change every time it moves from one location to another, nor should additional unnecessary data be added from one location to another.

EzDATAfind assembles databases that can combine many different sources within an organization.  We listen to you and do our best to eliminate unnecessary keystrokes that can slow down the interaction between you and your clients. 

Here is some of the products we've created for company's and organizations:

South Valley Trading (database program)

Large diaries require massive amounts of food to keep cows healthy for production.  South Valley Trading is a company that insures the delivery of commodities are available, shipped and delivered on time.

EzDATAfind created a program for SVT to set up the Trade Agreement between the providers of the commodity and the need of the dairy.  The program allows users to select vendors, match the information to the buyer and create shipping dates on the fly based on the size of the dairy and how often the commodity is needed.  Trade Agreements can be spanned over various time segments, with multiple shipments created on a schedule. 

The program creates several tracking utilites including, reports for tracking payments and future contract projection needs. 

My Church Awana (Reports Created by Database)

Grace Community Church needed a way to automatically create tracking sheets for their Awana Club Members.  We created a program that allows them to enter in the club member, select their leader and the club they are a member of.  The church then would print out tracking documents that were provided to the Leaders and allowed each member to be tracked on an individual document.  Progress documents provide information about where the clubber is in his Awana studies and can track leaders progress also. 

Hands in the Community (3 dimensional database)

Hands in the community is an organization that assists people in need with a combination of professional assistance and volunteers.  How does an organization keep track of 1300 volunteers, over 600 professional services and requests by members of 42 churches in the area? One central database provides the office staff of 6 to 10  the ability to answer phone requests, arrange for methods of assistance, link resources to the requesting person and organize volunteers when they are needed all form the same program. The program is networked allowing instant updates to the program to be viewable from all other office staff members. 


EzDATAfind worked with a company in Bakersfield to create a multiuser database program that eliminated hundreds of Excel spreadsheets.  

The new program provided easy to use forms for data entry saving keystrokes and lots of time. Productivity went up  as the stress of job when down. 


EzDatafind is proud to introduce EzAuction, a new program designed specifically for live auctions that can operate from up to 10 different stations for the same site and can conduct multiple auctions simultaneously. EzAuction allows users to manage everything from consignment processing, inventory, clerking, invoicing and historical tracking.

Competitively priced, EzAuction is one of the most comprehensive live auction programs on the market. Fast, efficient and effortless, EzAuction was created with one goal in mind, to make your auction process easier. So if you are looking for a Windows based auction program, allow EzAuction to provide you with the tools to help make your auction a success.

Truss Order Program:

From bidding a job to shipping the product, the entire process is easily tracked though within the Order Database program.  From the time the job is ordered, the schedule program tracks the location of the job within the drawing, processing, sealing, production and shipping the custom made trusses to the builder of a custom home.

Multiple views, forms, are available for users to concentrate on their job function within the program allowing for multiple users to perform different functions with the program concurrently.  Departmental access is assured for sales, engineering, production, shipping and accounting.

Labor Tracking Program for Farm Operations

Tracking labor for jobs requiring various types of equipment and multiple staff members can be a daunting task.  The Labor program created for a large farming organization provided the flexibility for recording projects in progress and allowing the projects to be reviewed by managers before being exported to accounting programs for billing, and or payments to subs.   

Custom Program for Tracking Minors:

A custom program was designed for an organization that assists minors who are incarcerated for alcohol usage.  

The program includes a history log for notes of interaction with the individual.

The program is designed to run on notebook, with uploading feature to transfer information to a central database server.

Customer Service Program for Truss Craft:

A custom program was created for a Truss Manufacturing company.  The program was created to track repairs needed on custom manufactured trusses for construction companies. 

EzDATAfind is capable of designing custom databases for existing, expanding, or new companies.  We are equipped to offer services for various industries and company sizes.   The EzDATAfind goal is to make your company more efficient and make better use of your resources.