EzWarehouse provides complete Inventory Management!

EzDATAfind has designed an inventory management system cutting key strokes and improving Cycle Counts!

Digital Vision

Print out warehouse locations
with descriptions of parts locations and quantities.

rugged scanners
for difficult scans.

CyCLe Counts are now Annually instead of daily! 

Ideal Strategy

Complete control of inventory from the
Warehouse managers desk.  EzDATAfind's EzWarehouse makes it doable!

Database loaded from the forklifts!

EzDATAfind Forkit Software works with EzWarehouse

Call for Pricing

EzWarehouse Report Screen is so easy!

EzWarehouse by EzDATAfind Software

Call for Pricing


Quick Scan Load

Fast processing

Eliminates key strokes

Fully Responsive


Networked and linked processes for securing permission integrity!

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Imagine having reports that have exact quantity received promptly after product scanning and storage. The EzWarehouse© program provides several features like:

On screen display of current product location on forklift screens.
Enable your forklift drivers to scan products complete with placement location.  
Modify and check of inbound products for accuracy at warehouse manager desk prior to posting to inventory.
A full Move Inventory screen for search, track, review, adjust or move inventory items at the managers desk.