Who is EzDATAfind?

EzDATAfind was founded in 2000 under the name of Data Management by GB (George Barnett, the founder). DMGB created database programs for multiple industries such construction, agriculture, and insurance. After some years and expansion into other areas of the state of California, the need arose for a name change as the same name was being used by another company in another county.

After a nationwide search for a unique name reflecting what the company provides, EzDATAfind was born in 2009. The new name provided a solid base for future growth and a better understanding for our current and future clientele to easily find and understand the services this company provides. Along with a new website, logo, and a new name, EzDATAfind began as a provider of broader based services.

The EzDATAfind Goal.

EzDATAfind is more than just a company. It’s a team of professionals striving to produce the best access to information in the most efficient and easy to handle database programs. Our databases are designed to display the data entered with built in programming that enables the easy to access forms to be completed with minimal keystroke needs. Our clients would then improve on the overall performance of their data needs.*(based on current methods of data entry).

We assemble programs utilized by your organization into a central database location.  We realize that the goal of any organization is to provide products made by several components and assembled by many different parts within that same company.  For this reason, your customer data shouldn’t change every time it moves from department to another within the same company, neither should additional unnecessary data be added from one database to another.

EzDATAfind is capable of designing custom databases and websites for existing, expanding, or new companies.  We are equipped to offer services for various industries and company sizes.   The EzDATAfind goal is to make your company more efficient and make better use of your resources.