Simple Inventory Management for Large Warehousing Needs 

EzWarehouse provides the most efficient total inventory management in an easy to use process. From receiving, moving, to outbound BOL this solution significantly improves the speed of product placement, management, and movement. It's adaptable to your organizations standards. 

Time sAVING!

"I'm amazed by the amount of time that the program saved me." -- Jesse N., Valley Pacific Petroleum Co. 

Unique Design

We modify it to match your organizations production standard... George B, EzDATAfind

Move it!

Sometimes products need to move inside the warehouse simply to make room for more products, get to other products or stage them for outbound shipments. With the ForkIt program a simple movement is as easy as scan source location, select product and quantity then scan the pallet. Once moved, simply click Send Move to Office, and the move is complete. 

Color Screens

Screens have color for ease of the forklift driver. Green is for inbound, Orange for Outbound and Blue for movements. All screens are designed for touch and barcode scans for information processing. Once all information is processed simple clicks on the Forkit program screen sends all information to the EzWarehouse program for the Manager's review.