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EzDATAfind has designed several pre-fab database programs available for direct purchase! Our Products also include printers, tablets, software, and custom built Computers.  

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Designed for a CPA, easy enough for the CEO! Everyone that runs a company wants to get a feel of where it’s at and how much it costs to keep it running. EzCASHflow is a program that allows simple data entries of routine expenses and revenues for a fiscal year to be entered in and allow for playing 'what if' with an organizations cash flow. Once the program has standard expenditure's and cash inflows for an organization other information can be added as if the expense or revenue boost already exists. Great for budgeting, corporate goal setting or checking whether salaries are affordable. 

The program allows for daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, every other month, bi-monthly, semiannually, and annual entries. One-time entries can be entered and can be divided equally into periodic time frames, with the click of a button. ‘One entry per fiscal period’ . Ever wonder what it costs to add a new Administrative Assistant? A simple weekly amount can be put into the program labeled ‘AA’ or any other label and with the click of a button the amount is calculated out across every other week going forward for the rest of the fiscal year. And because this is salary or standard payroll additional costs are automatically applied ( i.e. workman’s comp, FICA, SDI...) via a percentage of the entered amount. Once the information is available for a printed report it can also be exported for “Graph Happy” departmental leaders and Power Point presentations.


Tracking labor for jobs requiring various types of equipment and multiple staff members can be a daunting task.  The Labor program created for a large farming organization provided the flexibility for recording projects in progress and allowing the projects to be reviewed by managers before being exported to accounting programs for billing, and/or payments to subs.   


From bidding a job to shipping the product, the entire process is easily tracked within the Order Database program.  From the time the job is ordered, the schedule program tracks the location of the job within the drawing, processing, sealing, production and shipping the custom made trusses to the builder of a custom home. Multiple views and forms are available for users to concentrate on their job function within the program allowing for multiple users to perform different functions with the program concurrently.  Departmental access is assured for sales, engineering, production, shipping, and accounting.